How To Develop And Create Positive Thinking

Many people believe that negative thinking is one of the many causes of stress, discontent and unhappiness. So instead of entertaining negative thoughts, why not foster positive thinking? There are a lot of benefits of positive thinking. A happy disposition in life, a stress-free day at work and a healthy well-being are just some of the many benefits of positive thinking. If you are not a positive thinker, do not worry as there are various ways and positive thinking exercises that you can do to be able to master the art of harboring only positive thoughts and keeping negative thoughts at bay. To fully enjoy the benefits of having the power of positive thinking, below are several ways on how to develop positive thinking and create positive thoughts:

Don’t Dwell On Bad Thoughts

If you are having a bad day, it is normal to have bad thoughts. But don’t dwell on it that the rest of your day is ruined. You are the one who can control what your day is going to be like. If a negative thought enters your mind, do something to distract yourself from thinking about it. You can have a break or talk to a friend to keep your mind off the thought. Move on from there.
Make a negative thought-free disposition.
Decide to live a life free of negative thoughts. A negative thought may visit your mind but it cannot linger because you chose that it won’t. People who have decided to live their lives free of negative thoughts are the most content and the happiest. A problem will not leave them brood all day instead they’ll find something positive out of it.

Listen To Uplifting Music

Music is a strong mood changer and it can greatly affect your thoughts. Choosing the right kind of music will also help create positive thoughts. Have you heard of gospel songs and songs that are intended to make listeners feel jolly and uplifted? You can easily relate to the song’s lyrics. Common music played on the radio these days talk of violence, heart break and are full of angst. Listening to them will just make you sad and feel the same way as what the singer feels. Stay away from these type of songs.

Read The Right Kind Of Materials

Just like listening to uplifting music, reading a good material will also help you harbor positive thoughts. Inspirational books and articles, stories of success and gospel readings all promote positive thinking. They make you feel strong and renewed even when you have just been through a very trying time. Avoid Shakespearean love stories and even those that talk about revenge, loss and heart break without a hint of moving on. These stories will just make you feel sad and bitter.

Avoid Negative Thinkers

These are dangerous people to acquaint yourself with. They will most likely drag you down together with them. They are full of drama and they would want their friends to be like them too or listen to their unending saga of negativity and cynicism. It is difficult to find success when you are with these people. They will drag you down and ruin your dreams. Avoid negative people at all costs.

Find A Mentor Or Company Oozing With Positivity

Instead of being with negative people, find a company that oozes with positivity. It is difficult to sulk in the corner or be negative when people around you are full of enthusiasm and zest about life. It is also best to find someone who can mentor you; someone who has a wide range of experience from whom you will greatly benefit. They can give you precious advice as well as feedback when things don’t normally go your way.

Be Grateful

Whether you got promoted at work or just complimented with your new hair cut; be thankful. Create a gratitude list or say 5-10 things you are grateful for at the end of every day. You will notice you have a lot of things to be thankful for no matter how big or small. If you have a lot of things to be thankful for, this means you are blessed. This will ward off negativity.

Compliment Others

If you think your officemate at the next cubicle look extra spiffy, say a word of compliment. It will also lift up his spirit especially when he is having a tough time himself. It doesn’t take much effort to say a word of compliment so why not do it often? It doesn’t cost a cent. Doing so will also make you feel good about yourself. You are spreading positivity too.

Avoid Saying Negative Things About Other People

It is pointless to point out negative attitudes of people who may have wronged you. If it happens, just avoid them and move on. Stop talking about them especially with other people as it creates negativity and it also ruins your character.

Laugh A Lot

Your sense of humor will get you through tough times and your friends will also be thankful for it. A person who finds something to laugh about almost anything is a great company to be with. They are easy to talk to and can carry a conversation quite well. So always find a reason to laugh. It is good for your well-being.

Don’t Stress Over Things You Cannot Change

There may be things that you can’t change thus you are filled with regret and guilt. Don’t linger in such things. Fussing over it will just stress you out and eventually make you a bitter person. Let go and accept that there are things that are just beyond your power to control.

Positive ThinkingHelp Others

Find an opportunity to help others every day even in the most simple of ways. You can help an elderly carry his bag of groceries to the counter or to his car; you can feed a stray dog or bring him to a shelter; you can fix a little girl’s ponytail. All these things are very simple but can create a huge impact on people who are touched by your generosity. At the end of the day, you will realize that you were the one who benefited from doing good.